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As a leading provider of plant and machinery OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) and spare parts for the Soap and Detergent Industry, Qazi Engineering Pvt. Ltd. understands the importance of floor cleaner manufacturing, disinfectant manufacturing, toilet cleaner making machine, and dishwashing liquid making machines in meeting this demand. These liquid detergents find extensive usage in laundry, dishwashing, and home cleaning applications. 

In fact, liquid home and personal care products have established a significant market presence, making them compatible with the same manufacturing plants used for liquid detergents. With our expertise and top-quality equipment, we are committed to supporting the production of these essential cleaning products.

Requirements for Liquid Products

Liquid products, regardless of their specific applications, need to meet certain requirements:

1. Outstanding Global Performance

Liquid detergents and other home care products must deliver excellent overall performance in their respective tasks.

2. Attractive Appearance

The colour and degree of transparency of liquid products contribute to their visual appeal and consumer preference.

3. Controlled Viscosity

Maintaining a controlled viscosity ensures the desired consistency and ease of use of the liquid products.

4. Stability vs. Storage Time

Liquid detergents and similar products should remain stable and retain their quality over extended periods of storage.

5. Temperature & Light Effects

The manufacturing process should account for the effects of temperature and light exposure on the stability and efficacy of the liquid products.

Basic Manufacturing Process for Liquid Detergent

The liquid detergent manufacturing process should be based on a good knowledge of the chemistry and rheology of the ingredient chemicals and the capacity to control and modify their interactions. The process involves a series of carefully executed steps to ensure the production of high-quality products. These steps can be summarised as follows:

Ingredient Selection

The process begins with the selection and procurement of the appropriate ingredients. These ingredients are chosen based on their performance, compatibility, and desired characteristics in the final product.

Formulation and Proportioning

The selected ingredients are then formulated and proportioned in precise amounts to achieve the desired product specifications. The formulation process requires a deep understanding of the chemistry and rheology of the ingredients to ensure optimal performance and stability.


Homogenization is a crucial step in the liquid detergent manufacturing process. It involves thoroughly mixing the ingredients to create a uniform and stable mixture. This ensures that all components are evenly distributed throughout the product, enhancing its effectiveness and preventing separation or settling of ingredients.


Once the liquid detergent is properly homogenised, it is ready for packaging. An excellent and appealing packaging design is essential for attracting customers and ensuring convenience in product use. The packaging should also provide adequate protection against light, moisture, and other external factors that may affect the product’s stability.

Plant Capacity Range

Qazi Engineering offers liquid detergent manufacturing plants with a capacity range from 200 Kg/Hr to 6000 Kg/Hr. This wide range allows customers to choose a plant size that aligns with their production requirements.

Equipment Requirements in Liquid Detergent Manufacturing

To successfully produce high-quality liquid detergents, it is essential to have specialised processing equipment that meets specific requirements. When considering liquid detergent manufacturing, the following key aspects should be taken into account for the equipment. 

Ability to process liquids with a wide range of viscosity (up to 5-6000 mPa.sec)

The chosen liquid detergent making machine should be laced with equipment that have the capability to handle liquids with varying viscosities, ranging from low to high, up to 5-6000 mPa.sec. This ensures that the equipment can effectively process different formulations and maintain the desired consistency of the liquid detergents.

Capability to use alcoholic solvents (requires explosion-proof design)

Certain liquid detergents may require the use of alcoholic solvents, which necessitates the equipment to have an explosion-proof design. This ensures safety during the manufacturing process and prevents any potential hazards associated with the use of flammable substances.

Easy access with a Computerised Process Control System (optional)

For enhanced efficiency and precision, it is beneficial to have equipment in your liquid detergent making machines that can be integrated with a computerised process control system. This optional feature allows for real-time monitoring, control, and automation of various manufacturing parameters, leading to improved consistency and quality of the final product.

High resistance and corrosion-proof construction materials (e.g., stainless steel and special alloys)

To withstand the harsh chemical environment involved in the liquid detergent manufacturing process, the equipment should be constructed using high-resistance and corrosion-proof materials. Stainless steel and special alloys are commonly used to ensure durability and longevity of the equipment.

Adequate heat transfer rate for cooling and heating the product

The liquid detergent manufacturing machine & equipment must possess a sufficient heat transfer rate to enable efficient cooling and heating of the product during the manufacturing process. This ensures optimal temperature control and promotes the desired chemical reactions, resulting in a high-quality liquid detergent.

Homogeneous and constant mixing capability

To achieve uniformity and consistency in the liquid detergent formulation, the liquid soap making machine & equipment should have the ability to provide homogeneous and constant mixing. This ensures that all ingredients are thoroughly blended, preventing any variations in the final product’s quality and performance.

Quick and simple cleaning to minimise product change-over time and prevent contamination risks

Efficient cleaning procedures are crucial to minimise product change-over time and prevent contamination risks in the liquid detergent manufacturing process. The equipment should be designed in a way that facilitates quick and simple cleaning, ensuring proper hygiene standards and reducing downtime between production runs.

Main Equipment Highlights for Liquid Soap Production

Batch Mixer is used in the liquid detergent manufacturing process to blend and homogenise ingredients, ensuring a uniform and consistent mixture.

A cleaning and sterilisation system (CIPSIP or Clean-in-Place/ Sterilise-in-Place) used to maintain hygiene and prevent contamination in the liquid detergent manufacturing equipment.

R.O. Water Plant utilises Reverse Osmosis technology to produce purified water, which is essential for the manufacturing process of high-quality liquid detergents.

Air Compressor generates compressed air, often used for powering pneumatic systems and ensuring smooth operation of various processes in the liquid detergent manufacturing plant.

Essential equipment for transferring liquids within the manufacturing process, allowing for precise dosing and efficient movement of ingredients in the production of liquid detergents.

Bulk storage tanks are robust containers designed to securely store and manage raw materials, intermediates, or finished products in liquid soap manufacturing, ensuring efficient production and inventory management.

Dosing vessels are specialized equipment with integrated pumps and controls that measure and dispense precise quantities of materials, reducing waste and enhancing efficiency in the production of liquid soaps.

Applications of Qazi Engineering Pvt Ltd.’s Liquid Detergent Manufacturing Plants

Qazi Engineering Pvt Ltd. offers advanced technology for the production of liquid home care products. Their liquid detergent manufacturing plants provide a wide range of capacities to cater the specific production requirements of customers. Here are some of the key applications of Qazi Engineering’s liquid detergent manufacturing plants:

Laundry Liquid Detergents (Manual & Machine Wash)

Our liquid soap making machines are perfect for producing high-quality laundry liquid detergents suitable for both manual and machine wash. With our advanced technology, you can create formulations that effectively remove stains, dirt, and odours, leaving clothes fresh and clean.

Dish Wash Liquid Detergents (Manual Wash)

Qazi Engineering’s liquid soap making machines facilitate dishwash manufacturing, enabling the production of efficient and gentle dishwashing liquid detergents, specifically designed for manual wash. Formulations made by utilising our dishwash liquid making machine effectively cut through grease and grime, leaving your dishes spotless and sparkling.

Kitchen Cleaners (Hard Degreasers)

With our liquid detergent making machines, you can manufacture powerful kitchen cleaners that also excel in disinfectants manufacturing. These formulations serve as robust degreasers, effectively combating stubborn grease and oil stains on a wide range of kitchen surfaces. By doing so, our clients contribute to maintaining a hygienic and pristine cooking environment.

Fabric Softeners (For Cotton, Towels, and Linen Clothes)

Our liquid detergent manufacturing plants offer the capability to produce fabric softeners suitable for cotton, towels, and linen clothes. These formulations leave fabrics feeling luxuriously soft, enhancing their texture and providing a delightful freshness.

Floor Cleaner Manufacturing(For soil cleaning & daily mopping of all kinds of floors)

Qazi Engineering’s liquid detergent manufacturing plants are equipped to facilitate the production of floor cleaners. These plants are specifically designed for the purpose of floor cleaners manufacturing, that are ideal for soil cleaning and daily mopping of various floor surfaces. These formulations made by harnessing our floor cleaner making machines, effectively eliminate dirt, grime, and stains, resulting in floors that are not only impeccably clean but also exude a refreshing fragrance.

Disinfectants (Cleaning with antibacterial and antifungal action)

With our liquid detergent making machine, you can produce powerful disinfectants to meet your needs. Our plants are equipped with disinfectants making machines, enabling the efficient disinfectants manufacturing. By utilising our disinfectants making machine, our clients can develop formulations that are specially designed to possess strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, guaranteeing comprehensive cleaning and sanitization of diverse surfaces. This helps create a healthy and hygienic environment, promoting cleanliness and well-being.

Window Glass Cleaners (For home & office windows & other glass surfaces)

Our liquid detergent making machines allow you to produce window glass cleaners suitable for both home and office use. These formulations effectively remove smudges, fingerprints, and dirt from windows and other glass surfaces, leaving them crystal clear and streak-free.

Toilet Bowl Cleaners (Toilet wash basins & ceramic bowl cleaner)

Qazi Engineering’s offers advanced toilet cleaner manufacturing machines for producing toilet-cleaners, that effectively clean toilet washbasins and ceramic bowls. These formulations remove stains, limescale, and unpleasant odours, leaving your toilets fresh, clean, and hygienic. Choose Qazi Engineering for all your toilet cleaner manufacturing needs and establish a top-notch Toilet Cleaner Manufacturing Plant with our advanced machinery and expertise.

Tiles and Ceramic Cleaners (Complete Bathroom & all kinds of glazed tiles)

Our floor cleaner manufacturing machines provide you the capability to produce tile and ceramic floor cleaners suitable for complete bathroom cleaning and all types of glazed tiles. Using our floor cleaner making machines, you can create formulations that are highly effective in eliminating soap scum, water stains, and grime, restoring the shine and cleanliness of your tiles and ceramics.

Multiuse Cleaners (General Soil Degreasers for multiple applications)

Our liquid detergent manufacturing plants allow you to manufacture versatile multi use cleaners, acting as general soil degreasers for various applications. By employing our advanced liquid detergent making machines, you can develop formulations that effectively remove stubborn stains, grease, and dirt from multiple surfaces, offering convenience and efficiency.

Advantages of Qazi’s Liquid Soap Making Machines

Superior Performance

Qazi Engineering Pvt. Ltd.’s liquid soap making machines are designed to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring efficient and effective production of high-quality liquid soap products. These machines are engineered with precision to achieve optimal results.


Our liquid soap making machines offer versatility in producing various types of liquid soap products. Thus, whether you require a floor cleaner manufacturing setup, a disinfectant manufacturing setup, a toilet cleaner manufacturing setup, or a dishwashing liquid making machine, our equipment can accommodate various formulations and deliver exceptional results.

Customization Options

Qazi Engineering Pvt. Ltd. provides customization options for their liquid soap making machines, allowing customers to tailor the equipment to their specific requirements. From capacity adjustments to specific features, Qazi can adapt the machines to suit individual production needs.

Robust Construction

Our liquid soap making machines are built with durability in mind. Constructed using high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and special alloys, these machines are resistant to corrosion, ensuring longevity and reliability in the manufacturing process.

Efficient Mixing and Homogenization

The liquid soap making machines offered by Qazi Engineering Pvt. Ltd. excel in achieving thorough mixing and homogenization of ingredients. This capability ensures uniformity and consistency in the final product, preventing separation or settling of ingredients.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Our liquid soap making machines are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They feature intuitive controls and ergonomic designs, making them easy to operate. Additionally, these machines are designed for easy maintenance, reducing downtime and maximising productivity.

Enhanced Safety Features

Qazi Engineering Pvt. Ltd. prioritises safety in their liquid soap making machines. The equipment is equipped with safety features, including explosion-proof designs for handling alcoholic solvents and compliance with industry standards, ensuring a secure and hazard-free manufacturing environment.

Reliable After-Sales Support

Qazi Engineering Pvt. Ltd. provides comprehensive after-sales support to its customers. Their team of experts offers technical assistance, maintenance services, and spare parts availability, ensuring smooth operation and minimising disruptions in the production process.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Qazi’s liquid soap making machines offer cost-effective solutions for home and personal care product manufacturers. With efficient production processes and optimised resource utilisation, these machines help reduce overall manufacturing costs while maintaining product quality.

Industry Expertise

Qazi Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has extensive experience and expertise in the soap and detergent industry. Their in-depth knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process enable them to provide reliable and innovative liquid soap making machines, ensuring customer satisfaction and success in the market.

Get to Know Our Team

Qazi’s dedicated team of professionals are united by a common goal: to deliver top-notch home and personal care plant solutions that exceed our client’s expectations. Our professionals’ strategic vision and operational expertise have been instrumental  in establishing Qazi Engineering as a leading provider of liquid soap making machines. With our combined expertise and commitment to excellence, we ensure that our clients receive personalised attention and tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. Her commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our plants offer a capacity range from 200 Kg/Hr to 6000 Kg/Hr, allowing you to choose a size that aligns with your production requirements.

Our soap manufacturing plants can be used to manufacture a wide range of liquid products, including liquid detergents, laundry products, dishwashing liquids, and more.

Our machines are designed to handle liquids with varying viscosities, use explosion-proof designs when working with alcoholic solvents, and offer optional computerised process control for enhanced efficiency.

Yes, our liquid detergent making machines have the capability to process different formulations and provide homogeneous and constant mixing, ensuring consistency in the final product.

Qazi Engineering Pvt. Ltd.’s liquid detergent manufacturing process incorporates ingredient selection, precise formulation, homogenization, and packaging techniques that ensure stable and high-quality liquid products.

Our dishwashing liquid making machines are constructed using high-resistance and corrosion-proof materials such as stainless steel and special alloys, ensuring durability and longevity.

Yes, our liquid soap manufacturing plants can be used to produce disinfectants, kitchen cleaners, fabric softeners, window glass cleaners, and more.

We have a dedicated service and support team led by experienced professionals who provide prompt assistance and technical support to ensure smooth operation and minimal downtime.

Yes, our project manager oversees the entire installation and commissioning process, ensuring a seamless and successful setup of the plant at your facility.

Yes, we provide comprehensive training and guidance to your team for operating the liquid soap making machines, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.

We offer customizable packaging solutions that provide adequate protection against light, moisture, and other external factors to maintain the product’s stability.

Yes, Qazi Engineering Pvt. Ltd. offers customization options to tailor the Home & Personal Care Plants according to your specific production needs and preferences.

Yes, we provide ongoing after-sales support and maintenance services to ensure the long-term reliability and performance of our equipment.