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Industry is what is sitting in the driving seat of the current world economy. We “Qazi Engineering Pvt. Ltd” are here to support that economy through that driver and we proudly say that we have succeeded with so many ups and downs for the past 38 years with our family that we built with the love of our customers in these years. We hope to continue doing that in the upcoming years and make our family much bigger than ever.

Our solutions include everything, starting with the project’s conceptualization, detailed engineering, delivery of detergent powder plant and machinery, the supply of critical raw materials and consumables, installation and commissioning, upgradation and digitization, technical and management consultation, and more to solve the complex needs of every project.

Our company was established in 1985 under the name of National Engineering Company at Kanpur. Since inception as the time grown up, we continued to serve the Soap and Detergent Powder Industry having our clients all over India and abroad as well. During the year 2008, we decided to enter our company corporate structure as QAZI ENGINEERING PVT. LTD.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality Detergent Powder Plant and Detergent Powder Machine that are efficient, reliable, and easy to use. We strive to be the best in the industry by continuously improving our products and services to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our goal is to make a positive impact on the environment by promoting sustainable practices in our manufacturing process and reducing our carbon footprint.

Qazi Engineering PVT. Ltd. was established in 1985 as the National Engineering Company in Kanpur, and we have been serving the soap and detergent industry in India and abroad.

In 2008, we restructured as QAZI ENGINEERING PVT. Ltd. and have since become a reputed brand in plant and machinery OEM and spare provider for detergent Cake and Powder, Laundry and Toilet soap, LABSA, Home and Personal Care products, and Pilot Plants. Our success is based on customizing client’s needs and preferences to create appropriate commercial value and reducing procurement and operating costs to build strong end-user relationships.

We are committed to provide safe industrial solutions to many other factories

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Experience gained through so many ups and downs to the success.

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Customers who started their dream by grabbing the hand of Qazi Engineering

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Customers who are pleased with their projects done by Qazi Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

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We provide our service to the industrialists and execute the best of their plans consulting our experienced researchers and engineers and helping them make their dream come true. We guide and support our customers and always be with them to the very end like a family so that we can support the world economy through them because they are the WORLD to Qazi Engineering.

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Our responsibility does not end with the sale of our plants. We are always here to support our customers with after-sales service, whether it is a minor problem or anything else.

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We have experience of more than 38 years in customer dealing. Our happy customers are all over the world.

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Our experienced team successfully installs, manages, supervises, and executes the installation process.

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News and insights about Qazi Engineering work in the opinion of popular newspaper and infamous clients whom we pleased with our work and determination.


What is the typical maintenance schedule for soap and detergent powder machine?

Maintenance schedules may vary depending on the machinery and production volume. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and parts replacement as needed are common maintenance tasks.

What is the typical production capacity of soap and detergent cake machine?

Production capacity varies widely depending on the size and type of detergent powder machine. Smaller soap and detergent powder plants may have capacities of a few hundred kilograms per hour, while larger industrial plants can produce several tons per hour.

What types of machinery are essential for soap production?

Essential machinery for soap production includes saponification reactors, mixing tanks, moulds or extruders, cutting equipment, and packaging machinery. Depending on the scale of production, additional machines like soap stamping machines and conveyors may also be required.

How can I choose the right machinery for my soap or detergent production needs?

Selecting the right machinery depends on your specific requirements, including production volume, product type, budget, and available space. It’s advisable to consult with a machinery manufacturer to determine the most suitable equipment for your needs.

Do you provide installation and training services for the detergent powder machine you sell?

Yes, many machinery manufacturers offer installation and training services as part of their packages. These services help ensure the machinery is set up correctly and that the operators are trained in its safe and efficient operation.

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