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An MCC panel, also known as a Motor Control Center panel, is an integral part of an industrial electrical control system. It serves as a centralised control unit for managing and monitoring electrical motors and associated equipment in a plant or factory. The MCC panel provides a convenient and efficient means of controlling, protecting, and troubleshooting multiple motors from a single location.

With their expertise in engineering and manufacturing, Qazi Engineering ensures the highest quality and functionality of their MCC Panels. These panels serve as the control centre for various electrical components in the detergent cake production process, providing efficient and reliable operation. These MCC Panel equipment are designed to meet industry standards and optimised for seamless integration within detergent cake plants.

MCC Panel (Motor Control Center)

Components of MCC Panel

1. Main Incoming Circuit Breaker

This component allows the power supply to enter the MCC panel.

2. Busbars

These conductors distribute power from the main breaker to various sections of the MCC panel.

3. Motor Starters

These devices control the start, stop, and speed regulation of electric motors.

4. Overload Relays

Overload relays protect motors from excessive current and prevent damage.

5. Control Circuit Devices

These include control switches, push buttons, indicators, and selector switches for manual control and operation.

6. Control Transformers

Transformers step down the voltage for control circuits and provide isolation.

7. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

PLCs are used for advanced automation and control functions.

8. Communication Interfaces

These interfaces enable connectivity with external systems for remote monitoring and control.

9. Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

PDUs distribute power to various components within the MCC panel.

10. Metering and Monitoring Devices

These devices provide real-time measurements and status indications for motors and electrical parameters.

Working Principle of MCC Panel

The MCC panel acts as a central control point for all motors in a Detergent Cake Plant. It receives power from the main source and distributes it to the motor starters through busbars. The motor starters consist of contactors, overloads, and other control devices. The control circuit devices facilitate manual control and operation of the motors. The overload relays protect the motors from excessive current and trip the circuit in case of overload conditions. The PLCs and communication interfaces enable advanced automation and remote monitoring, ensuring efficient and safe motor operation.

Benefits of MCC Panel

Centralised Control

MCC panels provide a single control point for multiple motors, simplifying operation and maintenance.

Enhanced Safety

Overload relays and protective devices ensure motor safety and prevent damage due to electrical faults.

Efficient Troubleshooting

MCC panels enable quick identification and resolution of motor-related issues, minimising downtime.

Space Optimization

Compact and organised design of MCC panels saves valuable floor space in industrial facilities.


MCC panels can be easily expanded or modified to accommodate future motor additions or process changes.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Integration with communication interfaces allows remote monitoring, diagnosis, and control of motors, improving operational efficiency.

Applications of MCC Panel in Soap & Detergent Industry

1. Mixing and Blending

MCC panels control motors involved in the mixing and blending of raw materials for detergent production.

2. Conveyor Systems

MCC panels manage motors that power conveyor systems used for material handling and product transportation.

3. Packaging and Labelling

MCC panels control motors responsible for packaging and labelling processes in detergent manufacturing.

4. Pumping Systems

MCC panels regulate motors driving pumps for transferring liquids and solutions within detergent production lines.

5. Drying and Curing

MCC panels control motors used in drying and curing processes for detergent cakes or powders.

6. Quality Control

MCC panels enable motor control during quality control procedures, such as sieving, testing, and sampling.

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